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First Grade Teachers


Jessica Hernandez was born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua México. When she was six years old, her family migrated to the Central Valley. She graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.A. in Chicano Latino Studies with a concentration in Visual and Performing Arts. Maestra Hernandez started the BCLAD program but, with No Child Left Behind, held off her dream of becoming a teacher. She worked in the Finance sector for ten years before deciding to go back and finish her teaching credential. She substituted in different districts in the county. She taught first grade last year in a Title I school and because of this, knows first hand the struggles students face today. Maestra Hernandez understands what the skills are that students need to be successful in the Global Economy. She is passionate about learning, enjoys teaching community building through cultural awareness, and in incorporating technology and the arts to teach students those skills. She enjoys reading, arts and crafts, traveling and is  raising her twin daughters to become global citizens. 




  Erin Maillo was born in Upstate New York and moved to California when she was 14 years old. She received her B.A. in        Spanish and English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She studied her junior year abroad in Alcalá de              Henares, Spain and decided to move back to Spain to teach ESL after graduation. Erin lived in Barcelona for four years          and finally moved to Granada, Spain after meeting her husband who is a Granadino. Together, they moved to San                  Francisco where she pursued her BCLAD teaching credential through San Francisco State University. Maestra Maillo              taught  bilingual first grade for seven years in San Francisco;  in both public and private schools. She is especially                    passionate about teaching writing to young students and helping them to find their authentic voices. She recently had          her first child, Mateo, in December 2017. Erin is passionate about teaching and is committed to educating for a bilingual        California. 




                                                             Jessica Ortiz